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Congratulations on your decision to study abroad!

Before you embark on this adventure you need to understand your university’s requirements to study abroad and assure you’ll earn credit.

  • Talk with your study abroad office – Meet with a study abroad advisor on campus to determine your university’s:
    • study abroad application and enrollment process;
    • course approval process for coursework completed abroad;
    • payment policy to cover the cost of your study abroad program.
  • Meet with your financial aid advisor – If you plan to use financial aid to cover the cost of your study abroad program, meet with your financial aid advisor to determine if your aid can apply and what the process is for making payments to ACD Study Abroad.
  • Determine the courses you’ll take abroad – Consider the available courses at American College Dublin for the semester/session you’re interested in and discuss how they will apply towards your academic requirements at your home school with an academic advisor.
  • Contact ACD Study Abroad – We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give each student. If you have any questions about applying, contact us at 011-353-1-676-8939 or email

Ready to apply?

Step 1: Meet the eligibility requirements

In order to participate in an ACD Study Abroad program you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • 18 years of age or older
  • At least sophomore standing (second year) at time of participation
  • Good standing at home school

Step 2: Review the ACD Study Abroad policies and deadlines

Acceptance to the ACD Study Abroad program is on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to secure a spot in the program. Incomplete applications will not be considered. ACD Study Abroad does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, national and ethnic origin or disability.

By applying to an ACD Study Abroad program, students agree to abide by the ACD Study Abroad Policies, Terms and Conditions.

Student should not make flight arrangements for their program until officially notified by ACD Study Abroad. Notification to purchase airfare will not be given until the minimum number of students required for the program has been met. ACD Study Abroad reserves the right to modify program dates and/or cancel programs. ACD Study Abroad is not responsible for airline fare or ticket change fees incurred by student participants.

Application, Forms and Payment Deadlines

Application, forms and payment deadlines for the ACD Study Abroad program vary according to the term of study the student is applying for. Students are encouraged to submit the required application materials, enrollment forms and payments well in advance of the posted deadlines. Applications received after the deadline will be subject to a late fee. Applications are considered to be complete only after all required application materials are received.

Once accepted to the program, students are responsible for submitting all required enrollment forms and final payments by the posted deadline.

The following are the application, forms and payment deadlines for each term of study. If any deadline date falls on a weekend or national holiday, the deadline is the next business day.

Term of study

Application deadline

Form & payment deadline

Fall semester

June 1

July 1

Spring semester

October 1

November 1

Summer I

May 1

May 14

Summer I + II

Summer II

May 1

May 14

Summer II + III

Summer III

ACD Study Abroad reserves the right to modify deadlines without prior notice.

ACD Study Abroad deadlines do not necessarily coincide with deadlines to apply for a student visa. Depending on the program duration and/or the student’s nationality, a student visa may or may not be required. Student applicants are solely responsible for researching the visa requirements and securing a visa if required. ACD Study Abroad assumes no responsibility in the event that a student is unable to secure, or is denied, a student visa in time to participate in the program.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

The ACD Study Abroad withdrawal and refund policy applies to all withdrawals, regardless of the reason. All requests to withdraw must be submitted to ACD Study Abroad in writing. Verbal requests to withdraw will not be considered.

Program Deposit: All students are required to pay the $300 program deposit in order to submit the program application. Once submitted, the $300 program deposit is non-refundable.

Payment Deadline: The payment deadline is determined by the term of the program that the student has applied for. All program deadlines are published on the ACD Study Abroad website. Generally, the payment deadline is thirty (30) days after the application deadline.

Final Withdrawal Date: The final withdrawal date for all ACD Study Abroad programs is fourteen (14) days before the program start date. No refunds will be processed for students who withdraw from their program on or after the final withdrawal date.

Withdrawal Fees and Refunds: Students who withdraw from the program are financially responsible for a withdrawal fee, plus any non-recoverable costs incurred by ACD Study Abroad through the date the written notification of withdrawal is received, as shown in the chart below. Any remaining funds after the withdrawal fee and non-recoverable costs are paid will be refunded to the student.

Date written notification received

Withdrawal fee

On or before the payment deadline

$300 program deposit

One (1) to nine (9) days after the payment deadline

$750 plus non-recoverable costs

Ten (10) to nineteen (19) days after the payment deadline

$1,000 plus non-recoverable costs

Twenty (20) to twenty-nine (29) days after the payment deadline

$1,500 plus non-recoverable costs

Thirty (30) days or more after the payment deadline but prior to the final withdrawal date

Spring/Fall: $5,000 plus non-recoverable costs

Summer: $3,000 plus non-recoverable costs

Fourteen (14) days or less before the program start date

Full program cost

Step 3: Create an ACD Student Portal account

You will need to create a user name and password, and provide the following:
  • Contact information
  • Academic information
  • Program preferences
  • Current and permanent addresses
  • Emergency contact
Once you complete your profile and create your student portal account, read the instructions on How to Apply and start your application!



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